Lee Admiraal is the Executive Vice President of Synergi. An experienced business executive who served as Project Manager and Project Director prior to his current position, Lee is passionate about the one-of-a-kind role that Synergi holds.

Synergi offers its exceptional products and services within three property markets: commercial-government-public monument properties, retail shopping malls, and multi-family high-rise buildings. Over the course of 30+ years, the company has made its distinct mark on each of these markets:

Synergi has served as a turnkey project delivery provider for timeless commercial-government-public monument properties such as The Pentagon, the Lincoln Memorial, and the George Washington University School of Public Health (a Washington Building Congress Award Winner).

As for retail shopping malls, this is Lee Admiraal’s personal area of business expertise; he works within this department at Synergi. The company has delivered iconic projects like the Mall of America, Beverly Center, Roosevelt Field, and many more.

Finally, multi-family high-rise buildings round out Synergi’s influence. They signify an exciting, fast-growing future of commercial real estate in the Washington, D.C. metro area property markets and beyond. The multifamily market has outperformed other property markets in recent years and continues to be sought after by millions of people.

Synergi has implemented visionary projects for numerous multi-family residences, such as Manhattan’s famous One57 Tower (a skyscraper with 90+ condominium units, formerly known as “Carnegie 57” and nicknamed “The Billionaire Building”). Synergi was instrumental in a signature project in Baltimore’s harbor for the Four Seasons Hotel.

As Executive Vice President of the company, Lee Admiraal sees firsthand the impact that beautiful, functional design has on multifamily residences and on the people who inhabit them. On a larger scale, he sees the impact that multi-family high-rise residences have on today’s property markets — particularly because it is important to many people to be close to the metro areas in which they work.

Lee cherishes the opportunity that he has to influence and update these residences through the renovation and revitalization projects offered through Synergi. The complex projects delivered by this company are defined by their exquisite craftsmanship, technical adeptness, and of course, rapid and trouble-free installation.